I hope that you received the Group Email which we sent on the 7/04/20 to everyone who has attended courses with the College of Medical Hypnosis CMH in the past or enquired about courses with the CMH. The email addressed Courses and the Coronavirus. If you did not receive it please let us know to check your email address in our system.

I have continued helping patients via telephone health and also in person with social distancing and masks at the clinics and it has been a very busy time, I imagine the same for most of you.

The Melbourne Clinical Course in June and in Brisbane are suspended at the moment until we all have a better idea of what is happening including with some of the Australian state borders closed. The Advanced Course for Melbourne in October and the Clinical Course for Sydney in November look like the most likely to be viable and hopefully also the Sydney Advanced Course in August.

I suggest for all of us that we continue with daily exercise, daily relaxation such as with the Being Relaxed recordings, a balanced diet including fruit and vegetables, sunshine, fresh air and a diet of positive and realistic thoughts, keeping contact with loved ones, adequate sleep and looking after yourself very well. Old fashioned and still effective!

I have more suggestions for protection from the Coronavirus as well. If you would like them and you are a post graduate of the training, please send me a message and we will send them to you.

Best regards

Dr Alan Fahey 9/06/20

The 2020 TIMETABLE is NOW available on this site. 


Clinical Courses are available at the start and the end of the year in Sydney and during the year in Brisbane and Melbourne. A re-application is being made in early 2020 re-approval by the GPMHSC for the Clinical Courses for an extra NINE Medicare item numbers for general practitioners (GPs). The GPMHSC includes the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and the RACGP and the ACRRM and the ANZCollege of Psychiatrists and the MHCA which can be used by psychologists and social workers and OTs as well as by GPs towards Medicare re-accreditation.

Advanced Clinical Courses are available in Sydney and Melbourne again this year.

Any eligible health professional can attend the first module of the clinical course as a stand alone Single Mental Health Module. This module does NOT contain formal hypnosis but does contain both CBT and FPS and a re-application for re-approval for FPS CPD by the GPMHSC wil be made in early 2020.

The One Day Mental Health Module is also accredited for FPS CPD and is available for eligible health professionals who have completed FPS and CBT training previously. A re-application will aslo be made for re-accreditaion of this module.

College of Medical Hypnosis Clinical Courses are accredited by:

Australian Association of Social WorkersAustralian College of Mental Health NursesRACGP QI&CPD PointsANZCA - Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetistsacrrm Australian College of Rural and Remote MedicineAustralian College of MidwivesThe College of Nursing CPD hours