The College of Medical Hypnosis (CMH) is a training organisation which is conducted by Nationally Registered Health Professionals for Nationally Registered Health Professionals and for social workers who are members of the AASW and Accredited Practising Dieticians who are full members of Dieticians Australia with Medicare eligibility. Training Courses have been conducted in all states of Australia and the ACT and the NT in previous years but were most regularly conducted in New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD), Victoria (Vic) and the Northern Territory (NT) until 2019 and will only be held in NSW in 2023 due to coronavirus related issues.

The principal presenter at CMH training is Dr Alan Fahey who is a medical practitioner with expertise in psychiatry, psychological medicine, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - CBT and the Focussed Psychological Strategies - FPS, Gestalt Therapy and Ericksonian principles plus general medicine. Other Nationally Registered Health Professionals also present at training activities including Ms Carole McGregor Clinical Psychologist MAPS who is currently undertaking a Doctor of Sports Psychology and who is the Sports Psychologist for Collinwood Women's Netball and Football Teams and also an experienced dentist including long term Flying Dentist across the Northern Australia with expertise in pain and anxiety control. Consumers and Carers also present their perspectives at the training.

Eligible professionals include: medical practitioners both general practitioners (GPs) and other specialists, psychologists and clinical psychologists, nurses, midwives, occupational therapists, social workers, dentists, physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths 

Training is approved or endorsed or accredited or was recently approved in recent years by the: GPMHSC (includes the APS and the ANZCPsychiatrists and the Mental health Council of Australia), RACGP, ACRRM, ACMHN, ACN, ACM, APHCNA (APNA), ANZCA. Training also meets ADB criteria for CPD training for dentists. Psychiatrists and physicians can record this training for CPD. The AASW and OT Australia previously approved these training courses but they each no longer endorse any training external to their own training activities.

Training is being conducted only in Sydney in 2023 and it is hoped to conduct courses again in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne in the future. A Single Mental Health Module can be attended by any eligible health professional if it the first day of a clinical course or by any past graduate of the CMH courses provided that the post graduate has attended that module previously, and provided that there is space due to coronavirus restrictions. The One Day Mental Health Module will also be conducted in Sydney and again in the future in Melbourne, Brisbane and Darwin.

The courses are amongst the highest accredited or endorsed training activities in Australia and are Nationally Accredited for eligible professionals. The CMH has trained thousands of health professionals from Australia and hundreds of eligible professionals from overseas.

The CMH FPS-ST training (4 modules) within the Clinical Course (6 modules) has been approved by the GPMHSC to enable Australian GPs to register with the Australian Federal Govenment for MEDICARE registration to use the extra mental health item numbers for the provision of Focussed Psychological Strategies FPS FPS-ST (level 2) to assist their patients. 

CMH training has re-approved for GPs for FPS continuing professional development (FPS-CPD) to maintain Medicare registration to continue to use the FPS item numbers and also for Mental Health CPD. These approvals include 5 modules of the Clinical Course and also for module/s of the Advanced Clinical Courses as well, during the 2023-2025 triennium.

The RACGP has approved 5 modules of the Clinical Course for CPD with the 5 AA modules each having circa 16 CPD hours per module and in addition there is approval for module/s of the Advanced Clinical course.

These accreditations can be used by both GPs and other health profesionals including clinical psychologists, psychologists, social workers and occupational therapists who require evidence of FPS ongoing professional development aquisition for their annual registration by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

College of Medical Hypnosis Clinical Courses are accredited by:

Australian College of Mental Health NursesRACGP QI&CPD PointsANZCA - Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetistsacrrm Australian College of Rural and Remote MedicineAustralian College of MidwivesThe College of Nursing CPD hours